Moneypenny Events
Conference Energisers

Every conference has those quiet times - after coffee, after lunch, half way through the main presentation - well moneypenny events have the answer. Short lively interludes that will re focus and energise even the most lethargic group of people. Take 10 minutes and we will give back a highly energised and positive audience for the next presentation.


Tubular Tunes

Percussion music in its most basic form. It's cheap, simple, and real music can be made in just a few minutes. A great conference energiser with no lengthy explanations, no dividing people into teams, no breaking off to syndicate rooms - you just pull out your tube from under your seat, follow the conductor's directions, and off we go!


Before you can get your audience to focus, think clearly, and be receptive to your messages you need to get them to relax, un-pack their baggage and de-clutter their minds. We can take your audience there too with Meditainment - a 20-minute interactive audio-visual relaxation experience that uses multi-sensory meditation techniques to open and focus the minds of your audience.

Virtual Grand Prix

Each row of delegates represents a different Formula 1 team. Racing driver look-a-likes demonstrate the actions and vocal sound effects for a variety of manoeuvres. The giant screen shows red lights, then green, and off we go with the screen taking us round the track at breakneck speed, flashing instructions for Ferrari to Accelerate, Williams to Skid, Benetton to Corner as the delegates scream out the sound effects, clutching their virtual steering wheels and leaning this way and that to combat the virtual G-forces!

Conference Energisers