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It's a Knockout! has become one of our most popular events, as it simply can't help but build morale and team spirit. Whether participating or watching, everybody will remember IT'S A KNOCKOUT, for a long time to come!

You can choose from a whole series of team games incorporating giant costumes, slippery slopes, foam filled pools and obstacle courses. Games can be run dry, but most of the games run better with a little water literally thrown in.


Sample Knockout Games

Treasure Island Trail

A 40' island (inflatable assault course complete with tunnels, mangle, biff bash & wedge). Dressed in pirate costumes, must collect the hidden treasure. The team that collect the most treasure win.

Tunnel Vision

Two teams compete in a giant game of 4-in-a-line. Sounds too easy - each team first has to race with a disc in a wheel barrow followed by a scramble net & then through a slippery & wet 30' long inflatable tube before making their mark

Ball Crazy

Team members take it in turn to go blindfolded in search of the gold balls that lay buried in this multi-coloured ballpool. Once a gold ball has been retrieved teams must ski plod back to base before collecting another.

Caterpillar Run

Teams race head to head. Three man caterpillar costumes are orn in this relay, whereby teams race to complete a slalom course before collecting fruit from the inflatable trees. Good teamwork is required to achieve a high score.

Slippery Slope

Because there "ain't no mountain high enough" we have an inflatable substitute! In an attempt to recreate Hannibal's exploits you'll be required to get your anchorman to the top of the inflatable slope who will then help the rest of the team over the summit. Easier said then done when the slope is covered in foam!. The winning team is the first to get all members to the far side.

Other Knockouts

  • Bung us a Bucket
  • Velcro Challenge
  • Co-ordination Challenge
  • Washing Line
  • Olympic Challenge
  • Knock Your Block Off
  • Free the Fair Maiden

Team Building